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To SEARCH a topic on the Portal open the file below labeled "INDEX of Docent Web Portal" then:

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  2. A small window will open on your screen where you can type in the topic you are searching for.
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  4. If the topic appears more than once in the Index, there will be small arrows near the search window which you can use to navigate back and forth to the different locations your topic of search is listed in the Index. 
  5. Click the blue hyperlink of the topic you are searching.

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INSIGHT Member Magazine. Find all the information of what is happening this season at the Palm Springs Art Museum in our publication, "INSIGHT" magazine.



The Board of Trustees of the Palm Springs Art Museum has announced the appointment of Louis Grachos as the Museum’s incoming Chief Executive Offer and JoAnn McGrath Executive Director.  Video:  Mark Prior in conversation with Louis Grachos.

With New Chief Curator, PSAM Ready to Form an Identity - TDS


Executive Director Louis Grachos has named Los Angeles native Rochelle Steiner to the newly created position of Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs and Programs at PSAM.


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