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With New Chief Curator, PSAM Ready to Form an Identity - TDS

Introducing Louis Grachos, PSAM's New CEO & ED

The Board of Trustees of the Palm Springs Art Museum has announced the appointment of Louis Grachos as the Museum’s incoming Chief Executive Offer and JoAnn McGrath Executive Director.  Video:  Mark Prior in conversation with Louis Grachos.

Docent Related Poetry by Ray Warman, PSAM Docent

Of PSAM Docentry...


– a Pushkin sonnet (aBaBccDDeFFeGG; iambic tetram., a-c-e endings ‘feminine’), by Ray Warman 14 May 2019 

YAY, School-tours!


– a sonnet in Spenserian style (ABAB BCBC CDCD EE) by docent Ray Warman, 14 May 2019 

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